Tony Hale is a professional political consultant living in Redondo Beach.  He presently serves as an Executive Board member of the California Democratic Party for the 66th Assembly District.  He is also the Chair of the Resolutions Committee of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.

He started working on political campaigns in the 1984 Presidential  campaign of Walter Mondale.  In 2008, Tony started and managed the South Bay's first year-round Democratic headquarters.    Tony is a Co-author of a Precinct Operations Manual with a forward by Governor Michael Dukakis.  A former Chair of the Environmental Caucus of the

California Democratic Party, Tony's concern for the environment started with his childhood interest in the ocean habitat.  He has been a certified SCUBA diver for 44 years, and has worked on environmental projects off the California coast.  In 2015, Tony ran the campaign to prevent oil drilling in Hermosa Beach.  He won a victory at the ballot box by almost 80% and defeated the oil company's million-dollar campaign.  Tony continues to help elect Democrats in Northern and Southern California.